MetaTr.ee is a "Meta Staging Portal for All Creators"

The MetaTr.ee is rooted in the UGC world of hashtagged contents, we are in part a Hashtag Search Portal.

All Meta Stages are built for Meta Contents but on the top of a hashtag search engine which vibes vigorously as creators continue to generate contents and anxiously share across platforms. (embedding is an important skill, factor and trend in Content Sharing with #NoCode )

The MetaTr.ee will be a collection of decentralized Meta Stages in unlimited numbers, each stage is identified by a unique hashtag , and to be owned individually on subscription basis by a stakeholder, such as an Agency, SaaS Entity, Coach, YouTuber, Influence, KOL, YouTuber, TikToker, Blogger or Creator in general. (Secondary market development for such Meta Properties is absolutely on the roadmap, even as blockchained NFT's)

Advertisements can be placed or Games can be played with either #PayU® or #UPay® fee-flow up to Creators' decisions, which very much coincide with the Play-to-Earn culture in the virtual game community, the MetaTr.ee Creators earn popularity and traffic in the initial introductory stage with #PayU® scheme, and can monetize its traffic and eyeballs with #UPay® scheme as the Stages get more popular and crowded.

#PayU is a registered trademark under USPTO #86834196 Since 10/30/2018

#UPay is a registered trademark under USPTO #86856441 Since 8/27/2019